According to a study by Ifop, Parisians are more inclined than the rest of the French to use dating applications. They are more likely to have met the soulmate and to assume to use these platforms to find a partner of a night.

How do Parisians find love?

An Ifop study looked at the issue at a time when dating applications like Tinder and NRJ Tchat have become widespread. In the United States, they have even become one of the main ways of training couples.

In the capital, more than one Parisian out of two has already registered at least once on a site or application dating, against 30% of French. Online dating has not yet become the main source of training for Parisian couples who meet 35% at their place of work or studies. But dating sites are more involved in training couples in Paris (11%) than in the rest of the country (6%). Parisians also have a much more uninhibited use of applications than the rest of the French.

“Sexuality free of all involvement”

If for 63%, the goal is still to find a serious relationship, 37% of Parisians registered on a dating app seek an adventure without a future, against 28% nationally.

“By offering the inhabitants of the metropolis an almost infinite number of meeting opportunities while guaranteeing them even greater anonymity than in the provinces, these sites appear as places where sexuality can be rid of any involvement other than ‘itself,’ comments Fran├žois Kraus of Ifop.

The anonymity of the applications would allow women to be able to move away “from the look and the social control of their entourage” to carry out the sexuality that they wish and to seek in a assumed way a simple adventure of a night.

Apps, a tool for “recreational sexuality”

According to Ifop‘s study, 33% of Parisian women claim to have had complete sexual intercourse at the first meeting, knowing that they would not see this person again, compared to 22% of women at the national level. For men, the appointment with no tomorrow is almost inevitable, 71% found themselves in this situation against 49% in France.

“The lack of ambiguity about the intentions of those who have” matured “on this type of platform” make applications “a tool particularly suited to the practice of a purely recreational sexuality, focused on sexual fulfillment rather than constraints of the couple, “adds Fran├žois Kraus.

In general, Parisians are known to have a much more liberated sexuality than in the rest of France. An earlier study of Ifop put forward their practices. More often single or fickle, Parisians are also more open to forms of love beyond the traditional marriage and multiply partners.